Places and Traditions of Abruzzo center. (Event closed)

Sulmona, AQ, Italia
15th Mar 2017 at 08:22 PM - To - 30th Apr 2017 at 09:22 PM (Local Time)
City Ride

Recently restored, the Caldora Castle is one of the Region most interesting fortified complex was part - along with Pettorano castles, Introdacqua, Anversa, Bugnara, Popoli, and Roccacasale - the defensive system of the Peligna Valley. Initially it had a triangular shape with one north tower to defend against enemy attacks. The raising of the tower to the northeast, the oldest and 24m high, is due to the feudal lords and Gualtieri Pietrone Collepietro in the thirteenth century. When, in the fifteenth century., Passed to the Caldora, the castle was enlarged with the addition of two more towers and a residential wing. After the Caldora kept it the Orsini, who built to protect the cylindrical towers of the quadrangular ones. The two tallest towers have an elegant battlements crowning with corbels sculpted with anthropomorphic figures, while the circular towers present loopholes for muskets and mortars. Located at the top of the charming village medieval architecture intact, so as to be inserted into the Club of most beautiful villages in Italy, is certainly one of the most beautiful of Abruzzo medieval fortifications.