My cheap Alaskan cruise


Kelly Sheldrick

Cruising never really appealed to me - I always assumed it would be super tacky, full of old people, boring and completely our of my price range, that was until, a friend that I was working with in Vancouver (Canada) convinced me to go on an Alaskan cruise with her and her boyfriend.

Norwegian had a really good deal on a last minute 7 night cruises up the Inside Passage to Alaska. From Vancouver we would be stopping in at Ketchikan, Juneau, skagway and ending in Segway. The deal was basically, pay for two people, and two people go free (well, just pay the taxes), plus two people out of the four, could have a free drinks package (which included alcohol). The catch was, we all had to stay in one cabin, and because we were all on a budget, we all stayed in the same interior cabin - which was very small, with no window and on one of the lower decks at the rear of the ship (basically the worst cabin you could get)! Once the sofa bed was setup, there was absolutely no room to walk or even put your bags.

It worked out to less than $500CAD per person - extremely cheap for a cruise (and for good reason). However, Michael (my boyfriend) or I, had no expectations or desire to cruise, but... we did want to go to Alaska and we do love a good bargain. So, we decided to tag along - and I'm so glad we did! Despite it being very low key regarding the cabin, the cruise was awesome and the free booze definitely was a bonus (I'm sure we each drank at least $500 worth of cocktails during the cruise).

My cheap Alaskan cruise

We got to see whales, glaciers, moose, salmon spawning and even the Northern Lights. On top of this we hiked one of our top hikes of the year in Skagway, and ate our weight in food. Alaska is amazing and whether you explore it by cruising, driving or cycling - I highly recommend it!

My cheap Alaskan cruise

Wonderful experience. Looking for more travellogues