A Trip to Bikaner,Rajasthan


Ashish Kumar

A Trip to Bikaner,Rajasthan

A Trip to Bikaner,Rajasthan

Rajasthan is very close to my heart because of its food, heritage, people and culture. Rajasthan is full of surprises for family and friends. There are big cities like Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Pushkar, etc. I have been to all these places with my family and friends as well.

But during my summer trip with family this time, I decided to give a visit to Bikaner for its rich heritage and vast varieties of temples and havelis. I shared my dream destination with my children and they got very excited and my wife told me that she wants to also visit inner section of rural area near Bikaner to which I nodded firmly and gave a smile on this idea of hers as rural side of Rajasthan also hold lots to watch and explore.

We decided a four day trip to Bikaner. It seems too long time bounding when you want to explore different parts of each city with your family being around but ultimately home is where the heart is. So we have decided this short trip to Bikaner.

I chose to travel in the month of September from 8th to 11th as during this time there use to be little rush of tourist from different section of the world.

We hired a taxi from Delhi till Bikaner. So we started our journey on 7th of September at 6:00 AM During our trip we enjoyed a lot exploring different places along the route. My son wanted to visit a park along the way and we got excited at this idea too. So we decided to eat near by hotel and spent half day visiting the park and then we continued our journey towards Bikaner.

The next day we arrived at 7 PM to Bikaner which made our road journey really long and boring. But we were very excited to explore our dream destination. We checked in at Hotel Harmony, which our friends recommended for its food and lodging services. The food was really good and the staff was also very jolly.

Due to full day journey we ended our day with a fast sleep and all woke up to new energy to head a jumpstart. We took heavy breakfast so that we had not to worry about lunch during our exploration.

Day 1 :

As a matter of first importance we began with Durga devi sanctuary to get the favors to begin a decent adventure as we were very eager to explore this sanctuary since long. The first day began with a very good start and we were very excited to visit our next destination as well.

Next target was Junagarh Fortress. This is a major one with perfectly engineering. There would be a sitting tight line for the guests and the guests can sit there on the accessible seats. And after that a guide calls a group of individuals. You don't have to procure any guide. The royal residence tickets will incorporate it all. At that point the guide will meander you around the royal residence what's more, will disclose to all of you about the history and so forth of this royal residence. Truly this royal residence is one of a kind in its own. The landmarks and the recorded things that has been safeguarded in this castle truly staggering. You won't feel like that you have seen this things before also. It has one of a kind things which will draw in your eyes.

Day 2 :

Next we went to Laalgarh Royal residence. This is Exhibition hall, eatery and half home of current Maharaja. This exhibition hall is alright. Not huge exhibition hall and no air conditioner. You can see identifications, personality cards of maharaja moreover. This is the diverse thing that I saw there. Else you can or can't visit this place.

Day 3 :

The spots we went by on next days were Shiv Bari Sanctuary. This is a major sanctuary and you will discover just Ruler Shiv pindis. The design of the sanctuary is great. You can or can't visit this depending how profound you are.

This is about the main day. At that point we came back to our hotel room and ate and mulled over the rooftop in light of the fact that the climate around then was magnificent. The cool wind, the peace around which you will never at any point find in NCR. Presently next morning, we had breakfast and began our trip again at 11:00 am around.

Day 4

At that point we pushed forward around 30 kms far from Bikaner to visit Mata Karni Sanctuary in Deshnok. There for a distinction you will see just rats, rats and rats all around I dont get frightened from rats so I felt great there yet truly this is distinctive. You can visit there on the off chance that you, your spouse or your kids don't get terrified.

At last our four days journey to Bikaner came at a standstill and we were disheartened to go from this wonderful place. With a heavy heart we ended our beautiful journey and came back home safely with very beautiful memories which we will never forget.A Trip to Bikaner,RajasthanA Trip to Bikaner,Rajasthan

Beatifull written. Would be nice if can post some pictures as well.