Prajakta Shrouti

Goa! It's memories bring in smile on my face just about every time I think of it. Goa has left so many joyful memories on my mind, that just a thought of it makes all the stress run away!

I had heard too much about Goa before I actually landed there. Most of the people I spoke to were food lovers, beach lovers and of course, party animals. I was bit hesitant to go there, especially on the occasion of year end, as Goa is most crowded at this time of year. Too reluctant to party, I wanted to spend my new years eve and morning in a refreshing and serene atmosphere. I was almost sure, Goa wasn't going to offer me any solace during the new year's party time. But I must say Goa has something to offer! I was so wrong about Goa!

I started my trip on the 31st December! I was surely least interested in the evening celebration, so I preferred to drive. Being a new driver myself, this was my first road trip. I was traveling with my family which is fun! Being a new driver, everybody advised me to take a longer route from Mumbai to Pune, via Statara, Kolhapur, Belgavi to Goa. I didn't mind taking the safer route, but was sceptical the drive on national highways could be monotonous and boring one.

I was pretty used to the way route felt till we passed Kolhapur. At the very moment of entering Karnataka, I could sense the difference. As a new driver, it was excitement to cross state borders, but I was pleasant to travel through Karnataka and loved the road. It was clean, it was neat, and the winter season was making the ride enjoyable.

Putting my favorite music on, my trip to Goa had started just on the right note.