Sri Lankan 30th birthday treat


Kelly Sheldrick

I turned 30 last month and was trying to think of a special way to celebrate and started to read through my bucket list to get some ideas.

I've always wanted to go on a yoga retreat and I've always wanted to visit Sri Lanka. I was working as a travel agent at the time, and it just so happened that there was a new flight from Perth to Colombo with Malindo air - and they were on sale. AWESOME! I rang the first person I could think of that would jump at the idea of a holiday to Sri Lanka... my Mum. Some people mind find it odd that at 30 I decide to go on holiday with my Mum, but, I haven't seen much of my Mum over the past 5 years, due to travelling and living in different countries, I was also planning on starting a 5 year world cycle trip in June (which I've just started this week), so didn't know when I'd be able to spend some quality time with my Mum again.

Sri Lankan 30th birthday treat

As I also wanted to go on a yoga retreat, we decided to spend 1 week at a yoga retreat in the south of Sri Lanka, and 1 week backpacking around the island.

We decided to catch mostly public transport, so after spending a week at the yoga retreat, we caught the train to Kandy (which was an experience in itself). One thing I suggest if you are catching trains in Sri Lanka - don't bother spending the extra on first class. Second class is much more enjoyable, and you can take better photos, because the windows actually open. From Kandy we hired a driver and visited Dambulla (the cave temples) and Sirgira (the big rock that you'll see photos of on most tourist sites) - it was a long day, but definitely doable, and both of these places were great. Next it was Ella (my fabourite place in Sri Lanka), then Nuwara Eliya (or little England) then to Colombo and then finally Negombo, before catching our flight home.

Sri Lankan 30th birthday treat

We loved Sri Lanka - especially the food (if you're a vegetarian and you love spicy food then you would love Sri Lankan food)! I hope I get the chance to visit the country again, as there is so much more left to see there.

The food looks delicious !! You have covered quite a number of places in Srilanka. Please share us more on the same.
Awesome narration but we want more pics...