The various types of friendships we form whilst traveling



We backpackers are a weird bunch of people aren't we? and that's not a bad thing at all, not in my eyes anyway...What I mean is, backpackers, travelers, nomads or what ever you want to call yourself - Like it or not we are a different breed of people, we see things differently, we see people differently to others, we interact a little differently but have you ever thought about the friendships that you form when traveling?

The various types of friendships we form whilst traveling

The people we meet when while traveling are from all walks of life with varied backgrounds but yet we can make friends and create unique and strong bonds with people whom we've only known for 5 minutes. Maybe it's because of the situation we're thrust into, being in the same bubble, being in those intense hostel environments where the outside word doesn't exist, or maybe because we're all their for the same reason and your background just doesn't matter. Whatever the reason, strangers become friends overnight and sometimes with people you wouldn't do back home. However on the other hand, over the years I've met so many people that are so similar to me, in the way we think, behave, our personalities and characteristics. I have a theory on this and most people I tell it to agree, a few don't but my theory is -

"When your at home, you are that odd one out of the group, the one that is a little different to the others but when you go traveling you meet others that are the odd ones from their groups and you make friends with them"

You might be wondering where this has come, especially after the general flow of my last few posts I’m trying so hard… The grass may not be greener but…You might be wondering why I'm rambling on about traveling friendships?

The reason I'm writing this post is because a friend of mine that I met in Australia 6 years ago messaged me the other day, somebody whom I've not spoke to for ages. She messaged me to tell me that she mentioned me in her latest podcast episode which you can listen to here - harmonic whiskey tales (It's well worth a listen - ) Even though we haven't spoken for so long, it's not like we're strangers to each other now but it got me thinking. It made me think of the various types of friendships that are formed whilst traveling. I thought about the countless people I've crossed paths with from all over the world over the last 6 years. All those people I met in hostels and on excursions, the masses that became 'mates or Facebook buddies' and the very few I consider to be 'close friends'

Every single traveler, no matter if you're a solo traveler or start in a group, will want to make friends at some point in your travels. Making friends when traveling adds to your experience and in some cases the people your with is better than the place you're in. However to some it's pretty easy to make friends but to others it's a struggle as first, some people have outgoing personalities, others find it hard to come out their shell. I guess I was pretty lucky that when I first started to travel I met a special group of people who went from being strangers to being like family in a matter of weeks - It was a unique situation where so many similar personalities just came together at the same time in the same place and we all just gelled.

The various types of friendships we form whilst traveling

That's not saying that has been the case everywhere I've been and everybody that travels knows that you make various friendships when your traveling. Sometimes you might be best of friends while in each others company but then forget the other existed once one of you leaves, other times you'll bump into the same people along the route and become friends and sometimes you'll meet people who become closer than family.

Here is my list of various types of friendships made when traveling: -

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