Best destinations in Sri Lanka - "Nuwara Eliya"- TRAVELOGUE


Rajitha Herath

It was another holiday where we got our long vacation after the final exams. It is December and really cool in the hill country (just 14 degrees of Celsius. But we, South Asians still say that’s super cool) This area is called "Kandy light". Locals say "Nuwara Eliya" . This is the one and only area where Sri Lankans experience the lowest temperature.

Best destinations in Sri Lanka - Kandy Light- TRAVELOGUE

~Tea Estates in "Nuwara Eliya"~

Best destinations in Sri Lanka - Kandy Light- TRAVELOGUE

~Nuwara Eliya is really famous for it's beatiful waterfalls too.~

The journey begins. We went by train. Because, in order to get the real experience in this journey you should try train. Then you will be able to see the natural scenic beauty around you. This area is full with Tea estates, waterfalls, gardens, Mountains etc. The train goes slowly passing these beautiful sceneries. And you can see tiny rain drops most of the times throughout the journey which is another great experience.

Best destinations in Sri Lanka - Kandy Light- TRAVELOGUE

~The train Journey~ -The train moves on passing these beautiful tea estates

From the capital colombo to "Nuwara Eliya" it's around a 10-hour journey by train. Then you will have to off from the “Nanu oya” railway station and from there you can get the bus to "Nuwara Eliya" (30 min travel) .

After an awsome journey by train, We reached to our rest house by the evening and got a good sleep on that night dreaming about a beautiful tomorrow. It’s really easy for you to find a rest house around here because lots of places are there to provide accommodation. The prices are varying according to the facilities you look for. Normally there are rooms from 3500.00 LKR (around 25USD) upwards.

Actually on the following day we got little late to wake-up may be due to the cold weather. Guys were really excited to see the surrounding and we had a list of places to visit. We started to roam around the city at around 9 am. If you are going out make sure you get ready with a rain coat or carry an umbrella as by your wish. Because, most of the time it’s raining here.

Here we go. Our first place to visit was the famous botanical garden named “Victoria park”. From the entrance till the end you will feel like you are in heaven. Such a beauty. The garden is full with varieties of beautiful flowers.

Best destinations in Sri Lanka - Kandy Light- TRAVELOGUE

Best destinations in Sri Lanka - Kandy Light- TRAVELOGUE

~These flowers are endemic to this park~

Entrance Fee for the park : 300 LKR per Adult

Opening Hours : 7.00 am to 6.00 pm

Then at the evening time we went to another beautiful place. “The Gregory Lake” . Actually this is the best place to spend your evening. Such a calmness mixed with the cool breeze. We stayed there till late night. You can try the boat services available there. And also if you are going with kids there's a separate play area for kids as well. The best thing is entrance to this lake side is free. So if you are on a budget travel I recommend these places to you.

Best destinations in Sri Lanka - Kandy Light- TRAVELOGUE ~A passenger boat~

Best destinations in Sri Lanka - Kandy Light- TRAVELOGUE

~These are the Boat services available for you to enjoy your day~

That was the end of our 1st day. We came back to our places and had a great sleep to keep up our energy. Because we know for sure that tomorrow going to be even more better. Our plan was to go see the Tea estates and visit a tea factory there.

So, the following day we went to a tea estate called sommerfield tea estate. And went to their tea factory as well. We learnt a lot about the production of tea from the people working there. It was really great when you travel not just to see the things, but also to learn new things. Not only that we were fortunate enough to taste some pure Sri Lankan tea at the factory. After visiting the factory we went to take our lunch and we spent the last evening there in the tea estates.

Best destinations in Sri Lanka - Kandy Light- TRAVELOGUE

So that marked the End of our last day in this amazing hilly area, called “Nuwara Eliya”. If you are planing for a trip to Sri Lanka, I suggest you, to add this area to your itinerary.

Best destinations in Sri Lanka - Kandy Light- TRAVELOGUE

~A calm evening at Nuwara Eliya Country Roads~

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