A challenging cycle ride to Panshet Dam


prashant rao

So after a trail run for more than 200 km's within the city to various places, i wanted to hit back on one of the best road for cycling in India 'Panshet,Pune'. I wanted to challenge myself and explore my limits on this road. Started creating and understanding what is takes to cover approx 100 km's that too in a single day.

Did my homework and prepared a check list for the items i might need for this journey. I must say you have to be mentally prepared for such challenge. I have a Mountain bike with 7 speed , surely it would help me to ride those uphills.

I was very sure the climate would be perfect and sure it would help me to ride all day. I started my journey around 8:30 am in the morning with all the basic checklist ticked marked. The very first target was to reach 'khadakwasla dam' which is around 16 kms from chandani chowk. Khadakwasla is the main source of water in Pune city for most part of the year, most people from pune hit this place on Saturdays and Sundays as it provide a very good view of the dam and many food outlets to their hungry stomach.

The journey from Chandani Chowk to khadakwasla dam was not easy as the traffic was driving me crazy and most of the time i have to ride with the traffic. The weather was good with little drizzle. After 1-2 short pit stops , i finally made it to khadakwasla dam in 1 hours to be approx.

I punched my fist in the air and soon felt i am hungry :P.

A challenging cycle ride to Panshet Dam

Soon after a tea and peanut butter sandwhich (i love it) , quickly grabbed my stuff and started on to my next target "panshet dam". Though i visited this place so many times but that was on a bike, so i was pretty much aware of what i am upto. No doubt the road would be full of scenic view, uphill, downhills and greenry everywhere. As i headed toward my desination saw many young people were coming back with there cycles. If you are a cyclist you are always welcomed by the unknown cyclist , so i waved them for their journey ahead.

A challenging cycle ride to Panshet Dam

Now the challenge was upfront and the power you need to generate within yourself when you see a step uphill should always be in your mind. I started getting exhausted with so many uphill and would relax myself and gain pace when i get the downhills.

I also knew the happiness i am getting while ride on those downhills would be a uphill for me while coming back , i had that in my mind and i was prepared for that.

A challenging cycle ride to Panshet Dam

Soon after some time i had to drink lots of water and glucose to keep me going. The weather started to get a little humid, sun came out and wind suddenly stopped, now i was sweating badly and needed water more frequently. Its very crucial thing to remember that keeping your body hydrated as it is a must thing to do and when you are riding for so long, you need to have your drinks ready and good supplement of instant enegry. Though i had all things packed up in my bag still i can't carry lots of water so one of friend who was on bike had it handy for me.

A challenging cycle ride to Panshet Dam

Now after riding for like 2 hours i stopped for a 15 mins break , always remember the break shouldn't extend because then you become lazy. I quickly had fruits and some juice and started my journey ahead.

I was continuously looking at those small milestones which showed me number of KM's i am away from my destination, mind you it test you patience a lot waiting for next milestone to appear.

A challenging cycle ride to Panshet Dam

I was now 5-6 km away from the Panshet dam and god that was touch i was riding at a speed not more than 2-3 kmph , sticking myself to the gear 1. I was continuously paddling to get up on that hill then there came a time when i saw cars and bike's passing by and looking at my madness. It looked so easy for those cars and bikes to quickly climb up.

I had my self belief and told myself i won't stop and will reach the top. It took me some 1 hour to complete that small yet challenging distance. As soon as i reached on the top the road was muddy and was not easy to ride on, with all the bumps i got(it hurts :P).

A challenging cycle ride to Panshet Dam

After spending 15-20- mins on bumpy ride , i was finally able to see my destination. I shifted my gear for the top speed and paddle hard to reach there.

As soon i reached the destination i was thrilled and was excited. I stopped and punched the air and lifted my cycle. The feeling i had can't be described , i achieved what i aimed that day. It took me 3.5 hours to reach my goal , same can we done in 45 mins by bike.

A challenging cycle ride to Panshet Dam

Soon after we reached and had our lunch(god i was hunrgy), we went near the dam water and settled ourself on one of the big rocks sitting admist the nature. The climate suddenly went osum with the winds and rain back to base.

I enjoyed the view for around 2 hours and rested enough to go back , as the journey is yet not completed. It was more 45 kms back to home and i already covered 45kms straight. I did my streching and said Good Bye to 'Panshet'.

A challenging cycle ride to Panshet Dam

I am not writing the journey back to home as it would be boring because i took more frequent pitstops but yet it took me 3 hours to reach home. I finally reached around 6 pm and i still remember the way i did the paddling when i saw my home(i was being too lazy).

A challenging cycle ride to Panshet Dam

Thanks to Nitish and Yash for riding along with me and providing support wherever needed. After completing the mark of 90 kms , i again went to the same destination just to show myself dude this was not a joke.

I am a champion and sure will inspire more, as i will continue my madness.

Keep Inspiring, Keep Writing.

I am also planning the same trip but some people are saying like its not that much easy to go there by cycle...but ur story is really inspiring and exciting as well!! Will go there for sure...:)
A picture speaks thousands words. Anyone can feel this challenge which you accomplished by looking at your first and last picture. I'm sure this will inspire many !
Salute to your stamina!! Great story.. Where else you have been on your bicycle ? We would love to hear stories of you both.. :-)
What a nice way to travel..very good pics and travellogue!
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