A Visit to Marvellous Opera


Manoj Mali

As we live in Sydney , Opera house is our one of the favorite & most visited place , We celebrate everything here , its feels mesmerizing to be around this place , Its world famous monument so we get to see many tourist around it ,

there are few very good bars & restaurant around like Opera Bar , Opera kitchen. Opera bar has live band playing every night which creates more lively atmosphere ,

Sydney Opera House - Harbor Bridge

Its always been a memorable experience to just sit in front of opera house sipping a glass of beer & watching the Cruises & harbor bridge.

Sydney Opera House - Harbor Bridge

We love it.

It would be fun to relax around the Opera house and admire Harbour bridge at the same time.
Manoj, Your cover pic is a feast for the eyes..But we want more..Please show us sun, sand & beach !! :-)
what a beatifull cover pic..its of specific occasion or every night it looks like this?